In the initial phase the creative and practical work are in focus. Based on your expectations we start the idea development to establish the concept and tone of the film. In this phase, we also get the storyboard, actors and locations into place in an ongoing dialogue with you. In this way, we can ensure that the overall framework matches your expectations.


In this phase, the creative and the logistic preparations fall into place on location. We always strive to have the most effective production phase as possible – and we can do so because we have all resources in-house. When the photographer, instructor and film editor can plan the takes and scenes in smooth collaboration it makes the work process easier and we avoid wasting time on set and in the editor room.


When all scenes and takes are filmed our experienced film editors can start editing the film. Actors, locations and lines are just half of the work in making a film. The final expression and tone of the film is made in the editor room. The right cut can make an uninteresting film go viral just as the right color grading can change a film significantly.


Film intern
Lead .NET/Developer