app development

What are native apps?

At Heyday, we develop native apps. And if you do not know what that is, do not worry – we will explain that now.

Native apps are developed to be used on a specific device. That means, we develop an app for each system, so we make an app for iPhone and another for Android. 

Native apps have many advantages, and that is why we have chosen to focus on this:

  • The opportunity to give absolutely the best user experience as the potential is fully exploited.

  • You take optimal advantage of the specific unit’s hardware.

  • For a lot of companies, native apps are the best solution as it becomes professional and of high quality as every function can be implemented.

Cross-platform apps

Do you on the contrary wish for an app that functions across systems and platforms, a cross-platform app might be the solution for you. With a cross-platform app, an app is developed and works both on iPhone and Android. When you are developing one app for multiple systems, you have to compromise of important parameters such as usability and quality. 

app development

Why apps should be a part of the strategy

A unique answer does not exist when the time is right for a company to develop an app. Overall, an app should be able to add value to the company and its customers – it could be an increase in sales, more natural workflow for the employees or optimal user experience for the customers. At Heyday, we know that app development is not always the right road to take to reach the end of the rainbow, and we dare to tell you if we do not think a native app is the right thing for your company.

When we in collaboration find the perfect solution for you, it is essential that we understand your customers and users of the app. That is why we prioritize to get to know your target group, their needs, and behavior. It is also essential to examine the situations in which the app will be used: Is it when the users are standing in a physical store? Is it when they hang out on the couch? Or maybe when they are on the move in busy streets? There are many considerations and research to be done before the development of the app, and we help you from idea to a complete concept.

Formuepleje fintech app

With this fintech app, the users can see the development of the financial markets. They can follow any changes in inner value in every fund no matter time and place. It’s also possible to get in touch with an adviser or an employee while you can see and sign up for different events.


OJ Electronics app

IoT is here to stay, and with this app, the clients can easily control their heating system from everywhere, which means savings on the heating bill. It is possible to see and change the temperature in the home, make time schedules for heating in the house, set the heating system to vacation-mode and much more.