Cross platform app
cross platform app

Please notice

While a cross-platform app may immediately sound like a great solution for you as a provider there are also several limitations that you should be aware of if you choose to develop a cross-platform app.


Less focus on user-friendliness

Developing cross-platform apps is less user-friendly compared to native apps. Cross-platform apps are not adapted to the individual operating system and device, this often goes beyond both performance and UX in the finished app. This means that you must compromise a bit on the user experience. Of course, it also depends on what your app should be able to do and the needs it must cover with the user.


Poor performance

Cross-platform apps will often seem slower than native apps. This means that your users will have a worse user-experience while using your app compared to a native app.

With a cross-platform app, you get a cheaper and faster solution that works on multiple devices. However, you need to prepare to compromise on both user-friendliness and performance.

If you want to be sure about an app of the highest quality where you can offer your users the best user experience and performance. Then you should consider developing a native app instead. You can read more about native apps here.