During the preliminary phases we determine both the practical and creative from your wishes and expectations. We ideate a concept and style for the film during this process. We develop a storyboard, get a grip on locations and actors and all the other wishes you might have for the film. All this while being in close contact with you. 

No location is too remote or quirky. We will gladly pack all of our gear, get into a car or onto a plane and travel across the country or a continent. Everything is possible. 




Cut and action. 

During the production phase is where all the logistical and creative preparations come together. We always strive to have an efficient production and this is where all the preparations come in handy when we are on location. This is how we ensure that we get all the right shots.



When we have all the right shots for the film, our senior Motion Graphic Designer comes into play and will work magic on the raw footage making it into a film. Actors, locations and lines are only half of a film. The film and its message truly comes to life during the cutting and editing phase. A simple cut can make all the difference in the world, just like color grading and sound design has a role in shaping the film. 

When the film is ready, we deliver it to you in all the versions and formats that you need to get the biggest impact.