animation film

Explanatory vs. humorous  

Let us make it clear – animation films can do almost everything. You are not limited by whether things are possible in real life because it is an animated reality, where the character of the movie easily can jump from an eight meters high building without getting hurt. It allows you to see the tiniest parts of a car that are buried deep inside the motor, because the limitations are gone, and you can easily zoom through metal.

These are the animated films that we typically do:

  • The explanatory format where you make the subject, the product, or the concept easy to understand. It is here you will be able to show a technical process and explain how a product works and show things that are invisible to the eye. This is with no doubt the format most brands demand.


  • The humorous and playful format where everything is possible and where you have the possibility to really make people laugh. It is possible to exaggerate and manifest your message.
animation film

It’s for kids… Or what?

Many companies are wrong to think that animation films give an unserious signal to the clients and partners. With an animation film, you will be able to stand out from your competitors, and they can explain technical specifications in a way that is easy to relate to.

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