recipe film

Give life to your food products

With recipe films, you can create a certain feeling with the audience, but you can also force a need, that your target group wasn’t aware of they had. By creating a particular impression of your products and put them in relation to a certain action or situation, your audience group will experience the products to be relevant to them.

A recipe film will typically have one of these focusses:

  • We show how your product can be used in a specific recipe.
  • We show your product ad a whole.

Both angles are ideal to use, it only depends on what you want with the film. Sometimes both angles can work together as a part of a larger campaign.


Do you have the product? We have the experience

Heyday has many years of experience in creating and producing recipe films – actually, we have more than 10 years of experience where we, among others, have created films for Tulip and Urtekram. We know how to solve the job no matter if your product is common or extraordinary.

Besides, we cooperate with an innovative and creative chef, who can help to create recipes from scratch. We also have the necessary facilities to produce beautiful and attractive recipe films as we work together with some of the leading interior companies in Denmark. We have everything from pots and pans to tablecloths and wine glasses that potentially can be used in the production of your recipe film. That means that we always will be able to set the right mood about your products, that is in line with your brand.

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