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Tell the right story with SoMe films

There are almost endless opportunities when it comes to SoMe films, and nearly everything is possible. You will be able to tell the right story about your company with SoMe films, where pictures and sound can set the right mood about your brand in an exciting way.

There is no doubt that SoMe film can create the frame of a good story where you have the chance to bring a particular feeling to the audience – that particular feeling that you think characterizes your brand. By using color grading, light, and sound, we will hit where it works, with the right feel.

some film

Increase the traffic to your website 

With films for your social media, you will be able to increase the traffic to your website, whether the films are unfolded on your Facebook site, Instagram profile, YouTube channel or something entirely different. SoMe film is an ideal solution for you, if you have a webshop, as a film is a great tool to make the users engage with you – and that may result in increased traffic to your webshop or increased sales.


Customized SoMe-film for every platform

Whether your brand lives on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or YouTube, we customize the film for the current platform for both the length and format to be perfect. We know for a fact that 85 % of the Facebook users watch film from their smartphone without sound, and we know that the performance of your YouTube film is based on the amount of time the users spend on your content. We clarify the content if needed, so that unnecessary content will not degrade your visibility, but if the good story needs to be told in a more extended format, we know how to make it work to keep the attention of the audience. We have made lots of these films, and you will be in safe hands with us.

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