tv spots

Together we will find the right message

You might already know what you want to communicate with your TV spot, but you could also be clueless in the creative process of development. But fear not, we will help you bring the parts together, no matter how far you are in the process. We will in collaboration with you, form a strategy of your media effort and develop the TV spot from idea to finished product.

Overall there are two ways you can go. That is why you should ask yourself what the purpose of the TV spot is:

  • Is the purpose to generate sales or change the behavior of the target group?
  • Is the purpose to change or keep the audience group’s perception of you?

With a tactical TV spot whose primary target is to create sales, it will usually be rational arguments and the product that is in focus. With a branding spot it will on the other hand make sense to play on emotions. But remember, there is no correct answer on how your TV spot should be customized.

tv spots

We take care of everything

Whether you look for a spot that lasts 25-30 seconds or a TV sponsorship, our department of video will buy the right fit for you, where the proper TV channels and hour are the center of rotation, so we can target your audience where it makes sense. Since we can handle everything in the process, you only need to call one place – that makes everything more efficient and also more cost beneficial for you.


Enhance the message with a film for social media

When you decide to implement TV spots into your overall communication strategy, we always recommend you to increase your visibility on social media too – if, of course, your clients are present there. But come on, who is not nowadays? No matter if you operate on the B2C or B2B market.

Our experienced SoMe experts will handle this process in close collaboration with the film department so there will be a clear connection between your TV spots and your marketing on social media. In this way, you enhance your communication and message, and you will have a greater chance to become part of the audience’s consciousness.

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