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What do you wish to say and when?

When we have found goals and channels for your SoMe-strategy, we can look further into how you are talking to your customers. It is important to know your tone of voice to ensure recognition throughout your online whereabouts. Do you use sarcasm, or do you wish to look serious? Do you use emojis or not? Recognition requires consequence, and it is important not to differ from the tone of voice you have decided to use. Also, a well-executed SoMe-strategy is not inconsiderable since we wish to aim for your target at times where they are most active and most receptive towards your brand or product.

some strategy

Let us develop your SoMe-strategy

If this sounds like a lot of work for you, do not hesitate to contact us. At Heyday, we have social media experts who have worked within this field for more than eight years, and therefore they are able to help you succeed with your SoMe-strategy. We wish to collaborate and include you in the decision making to make sure we aim for the right KPIs and target groups, which are relevant for your particular business or product.

Contact us today and hear more.