google analytics

With Google Analytics you can gain knowledge about:

  • Where does the client come from?
  • How does the client behave on your site?
  • How many clients convert to your target?
  • How long time does each visitor spend on your site?
  • How many download or fill out a contact form?
  • Does the client use a smartphone or a computer?
  • ROI of your online marketing?
  • And much more

You will gain valuable knowledge about your clients with these data and get to know where to optimize. It is vital that you trust your data and that it is implemented correctly.


Google Analytics and Heyday

Heyday can help you with:

  • Guidance and help for Google Analytics
  • Implementation of tracking codes on accounts, domains and views
  • Filter your own visits from the website so it will not affect the statistics
  • A configuration of e-trade tracking if you own a webshop
  • A configuration of conversion tracking
  • Configuration of dashboards
  • Creation of remarketing lists for the use of Google Ads
  • Connecting Google Search Console and Google Ads with Google Analytics

We at Heyday are certified in Google Analytics.

google analytics
google analytics