Google Ads

Google Ads is the leading PPC advertising platform. With a market share of almost 90%, Google is definitely the most dominant player on the market. That is why Google Ads should be incorporated into your business’ marketing plan if you want to be visible to potential and relevant clients. At Heyday, our certified specialists improve our client's location on Google on a daily basis and attempt to get as many relevant clicks on their website as possible.

We always work methodically with the selection of search words that provide the most relevant traffic to your website. We make regular adjustments of the structure of the campaign based on insight in the search words that result in cheaper clicks and better locations,  just as we continuously make bidding adjustments in order to increase performance on both account -, campaign-, and search word level.  our comprehensive experience, we guarantee that we can help your business get more conversions and bigger returns from your advertisement investments.

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Bing ads

Today Bing accounts for about 7% of the Danish market and 30% of the American market. That is why Bing Ads must be considered a relevant add-on for Google for most companies. Therefore, our PPC specialists are certified Bing users. So, if you want to be shown in 7% of all Danish searches that are made on Bing, and if you want to be located better than your competitors, then get a hold of us., Together with you, we will make the best plan for your Bing Ads investment.

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Youtube ads

Youtube is often an overlooked search engine, but now that YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine – only surpassed by Google – Youtube should definitely play a role in the company’s overall strategy regarding PPC marketing.

Advertisements on Youtube consists of video content that will be shown prior to the videos that the user searched for. These advertisements are known as pre-rolls. One of the advantages of Youtube is that you only pay when a user has watched 30 seconds of your video or has clicked on it. If the video advertisement is skipped by the user within the first 30 seconds, you will not pay anything for the view. That is why Youtube is a very cost-effective way to expose potential clients to your message.

Youtube also offers a great range of targeting methods that make you able to target exactly the target group you find most valuable to your business. You will be able to see exactly how many individuals your video is exposed to and how much of the video they actually watch.

Our PPC experts are ready to advise you  on how to gain the most effect on your Youtube.

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Google Shopping

Google Shopping provides a unique opportunity to show your products with a picture and a price in Googles search results. Therefore, Google Shopping is a useful tool to create attention  to your products and prices. You will only pay when a user clicks on your advertisement and is being linked to the site of your product. That makes Google Shopping a particularly cost-effective advertisement platform with a big return and a must-have if you run a webshop.

We help a wide range of clients with the organizing of their campaigns on Google Shopping in order for them to gain the most effect of their investments and we are always ready to help you as well.

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Paid social

Paid social covers paid advertisement on social media such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. The benefit of advertising on social media is that they all offer very accurate advertising towards almost every imagineable target group. Whether your message is a tactical sales message or more branding oriented, paid social advertising can contribute to create notable results for your company.

Today most social media work with algorithms that favor paid content. That is why it is a necessity to implement paid social into your SoMe strategy in order for your content to reach the desired amount of users.  

At Heyday, we are specialists in organizing social media campaigns that create a documentable effect for our clients. If you need help creating success on social media whether it is on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or a combination of the three,. Do feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you and your business.


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