programmatic buying


Can you relate to the scenario where you search for a specific product, find it (e.g., with the help of Google), look at it and with interest read about it – just to close the website again and forget all about the product? For advertisers, this is not the dream scenario of course. With retargeting it is possible to remind the persons who visited your website or webshop earlier and thus showed interest in your products or services. There are many options when it comes to retargeting and it can take place across platforms such as Google and Facebook etc. Basically, retargeting works in the way that we define a customer group that we want to remind of what they were interested in on your website; It can be visitors who have been on your website for more than 3 minutes, or it can be all visitors. For both, the visitors did not make any actions on the website, e.g., bought a product. We want to remind them, that we have what they have searched for.


programmatic buying

Retargeting campaigns on the Google Display network and Adform

This is where former visitors on your website or webshop will see your advertisements as banners when they surf on one of the thousands of websites that are part of the Google Display network or Adform’s network such as, or


Retargeting campaigns on the Google Search network

With the help of remarketing lists for search advertisements, it is possible to show your ads when the former visitors from your website keep looking for what they need, via Google searches. Our specialists help you create ads or choose search words based on knowledge about those customers that previously visited your website.  


Retargeting creates more conversions

Those individuals who previously visited your website know you and have already shown interest in your products. That is why the chance of conversion is higher when we remind them again. The probability of increasing your conversion rate is almost guaranteed with retargeting.

programmatic buying